Exploring eating mindfully

There’s something to be said about being in tune with your body.  You’re not alone if  it feels like a long time since you’ve felt hunger pain or felt fullness.  It may take you some time to get back into your natural rhythm.  Start by taking a few days and only eating when you are hungry, despite what time of day it is.  Then you can start to adjust your natural hunger to normal eating hours,  by lightly snacking when you’re hungry in between meal time OR drinking water until your next meal time.  Personally I like to eat at 8am, noon and 6pm.  I just like the routine of it.  Besides I have a family my husband and I cook for and it’s nice to have a schedule.  When it’s noon, it’s lunch time dang it!  But, if I’m hungry at 9pm or 3pm I’m not going to deny myself food either.  I usually start getting hungry about 30 minutes before I typically like to eat.  That I can manage.  I was reading a really great blog http://roninoone.com/oneblog/ by Roni Noone and she was talking about how she has a list of foods on her snack list.  I may not be exactly quoting her, but I loved the idea of having a list of snacks in your head you can go-to when you are starving.  Mine are popcorn, salted almonds, apples and peanut butter, any fruit, carrots and hummus OR leftovers from your previous meal.  Enough to get me through hunger and still healthy.  And I like not having to put too much thought into it.

Pushing your plate away with food still on it may be a foreign concept.  I get it.  Sometimes food is just so tasty, it’s tough to just leave it there.  But, I love the idea of wrapping it up and getting to eat it again the next time I’m hungry.  You’re next snack!  Perfect concept.

What about dessert?  Everyone loves dessert, especially me.  But, what I realize is that I’m not going to have dessert every night.  Sometimes it’s hard to “eat just one” of dessert AND it’s really nice making dessert a special treat.  So, once a week, have a great dessert that you truly love!  There are a lot of dessert recipes made with whole ingredients and I like exploring these.

Whole foods.  I work to eat whole foods as much as possible, but I said before I struggle when it comes to tortillas, chips and bread.  What guidelines I do like following are keeping foods to 5 ingredients or less.  This is a tip I got from the blog I love http://www.100daysofrealfood.com  I love her and her cookbooks.  Read about the rules her family followed when they took the 100 day challenge.  https://www.100daysofrealfood.com/real-food-defined-a-k-a-the-rules/  For me, I try not to eat chips, bread and tortillas every meal.  If we’re having Mexican I’ll have chips or tortillas and that day I’ll make sure not to have chips for lunch.  It works!

Share your tips with me!

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